Ebola Update from Liberia

Ebola Crisis in Liberia

I returned from a mission trip to Liberia, West Africa, on Feb. 11th.  It was a tough and terrific time! The Church family asked me to follow up our church planting ministry since the Ebola crisis. The following info is part of that story.  The First Baptist Church family has been planting churches with Graber Ministries and OMS (One Mission Society), since 2008. We planted 238 churches in these past seven years. At the height of this ministry, we had 7,545 attending those church families, representing 7,753 people saved and 6,553 baptized.  During the Ebola crisis, we lost 33 Church families. One family lost 15 family members in one village. We were able to get food, water, and desperately needed supplies to the villagers who were quarantined in that village. 

One school had 130 students at the beginning of the academic year.  After the Ebola crisis, they had 76 students, and 26 of them had been orphaned by Ebola.   In the midst of all of the losses and devastation, you will still hear Liberians say, "God is good. All of the time. And all of the time, God is good."  There are not only stories of sickness, and death, and loss, but also stories of great courage and Divine protection and intervention. 

It was my privilege to deliver numerous supplies to the people of Liberia, and to hug them in their grief. I'm sure that they inspired me more than I ever encouraged them. The witness of their lives is powerful.


November 19th, 2014

Dear Graber Ministries, 

We greet you all in Jesus name. It is our prayer that God may bless you for your many gifts and donations that you have sent to the people of Liberia. We appreciate all that you have done and are doing for us. I posted the receipt for the last donation and you should have received it by now. Please confirm when received.  

We are thankful for the many sacrifices that you have made in order to share the gospel and provide meals for the many that have not been able to do so for themselves. We know that many of the donations that we are receiving are as the result of you denying yourselves of your basic needs. 

The poor internet system could not permit me to send most of the pictures that I took. However, I will continue to send them as best I can. With the Ebola outbreak comes challenges of food security and many other livelihood problems. A lot of people have not been able to provide their stable food rice. Your donation was able to give these pastors and missionaries the opportunity to have a real meal for a day or two. They were very happy that we could reach them with the food and sanitary materials.  

The Ebola materials and food could not serve all of the people but we did our best in sharing the food and sanitary materials. The bucket with faucet that you saw cost $10.00 a piece, the rice is $18.00 for a 25kg bag and the bleach cost $8.00 per bottle. We also spent $75.00 on transportation. We are grateful and continuously grateful for your gift and generosity.  

I am thankful for all the help from Graber Ministries. God calls us as a member of his body to do his work collectively. Some of you may not be able to come to Africa, but I appreciate your support toward missions around the world. With your donations I was able to accomplish so much together as I ever dream possible of working by myself.  We have an enormous responsibility in taking the gospel to people around the world and dealing with the financial plight of the people. Our God is true all in all.  We will trust in him to provide us with the finances that will enable us reach out with food and sanitary materials for the rest of the rural pastors. When I met with the pastors, and missionaries, one of them said:  “just by seeing you here in times like these give us hope to live”. I draw my inspiration from these words and this gives me the drive to want to do more. 

Please keep praying that God may give me the strength to do His work because there are so many pastors that we have not reach.  



Church Planting Movement/Wade Graber Ministry

Western Union Baptist Union


 In the name of JESUS the greater healer of all time.

As you are aware of the EBOLA outbreak in west Africa, Liberia to be precise, which rated the highest in the affected region, most especially the western region of Liberia, where we carry on ministry within the said region, therefore we have mobilized some volunteer and psycho social councillors of the Gospel, who will sensitized our people and create awareness for affected people, both family and victim that will create restoration of hope from the freight of the deadly Ebola outbreak in our region through the GOSPEL . Most supremely our greatest interest is to raise the need of JESUS during this national calamity and save the live of GOD”s people  

Henceforth, we are engage in soliciting financial and materials assistance towards of combating the deadly Ebola virus 

We therefore ask you that with us I generating and combating the deadly virus that is terrifying and hampering the smooth movement of transaction between our people and others merchants

 Please see upper copy of our two months operation budget

 Faith hope and love joined hands in hands agreed the greatest of all love.

Yours trainer

Rev. Bai J Anderson

Contact # +231-886-519-157/+231-775-303-305

Email baijandersonministry@gmail.com   

On behalf of all of us (VCP Churches) and my family, I want to thank you (Graber Ministry) for the fund sent. The fund you sent has helped immensely to alleviate the many problems that have ensued due to the outbreak of this deadly Ebola virus. As I write to you, news of your gifts have reached to many other Pastors as well as believers and are coming to us. So please continue to pray with us in these difficult times.
I have attached copies of receipts.
God's bless,
Pastor Varney

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